FREE Film Festivals in London

Aaawww, watching our favourite movies with friends. Who doesn’t enjoy that? But in London it’s not always easy organising movie night when you live in a flatshare, especially when the living room has been converted to another bedroom (that greedy bastard landlord ugh!). And while going to the cinema is a fun activity, it does cost more than a constantly broke Londoner would like to spend to see a movie at the end of the month. Aaahh – the joys of living in London – no space & being broke. But hey! That’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is to introduce you to Londons Free Film Festivals – a fun, budget-friendly way to watch movies with your friends, be part of your local community, discover new venues in your area or check out what other areas (and their film festivals) have to offer.

What the Film Festivals are all about

The Free Film Festivals are organised by local community groups with the aim to bring the community together through film. Films are shown in locations around the neighbourhood such as pubs, shops, schools, churches and other amazing venues. As the name suggests, the festivals are free and everyone is encouraged to join, breaking down barriers and inviting people of different backgrounds to enjoy a good movie. Each festival is run by a group of volunteers with the support from other festivals and the generosity of sponsors.


Besides bringing the local community together, the festivals encourage others to join and volunteer. Through those volunteering opportunities people can gain new skills. It is also a great opportunity for local filmmakers to showcase their work.

Where are the Free Film Festivals happening?

Currently volunteers are organising Free Film Festivals in the following areas:

  • Ealing
  • Packham & Nunhead
  • Catford
  • West Norwood
  • Guildford
  • Herne Hill
  • Streatham
  • Camberwell
  • Charlton & Woolwich
  • New Cross & Deptford
  • Beckenham Mansion

When is the next Film Festival taking place?

No matter what time of the year – there’s a Free Film Festival going on somewhere in London. The festivals in Camberwell, Herne Hill and West Norwood are usually in the spring while Ealing is in August and Streatham, Peckham & Nunhead are taking place in September. Of course these dates vary and sometimes there’s additional events. Last year just before Christmas, a friend and I enjoyed a fun girls evening out watching “Love Actually” at the screening in Herne Hill. To keep up to date it’s best to follow your local festival on social media or check out the Event Calendar on the Free Film Festivals Website.




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