Hackney Wick Streetart | Photowalk

In a city like London there’s so much to explore. Even after living in the city for over 4 years, there’s many areas and neighborhoods I don’t know very well or I haven’t been at all. Hackney Wick is an area I have been in the past – not just once, but several times. The thing is, I’ve only ever been in the evening at the same 2 bars. The area intrigued me, so I decided to come back one sunny Sunday afternoon armed with my shitty cheap digital camera and my phone for a photowalk.

I have read up on the definition of “photowalking”, which is apparently a communal activity of camera enthusiasts to walk around and take photos of what interests them. Yeah. I’m not a camera enthusiast, in fact, I couldn’t care less about my camera as long as it delivers somehow acceptable results (and my standards are not very high). My objective was to capture interesting things in the area to share & look back on. Considering the area has undergone major changes in the last few years and will probably change even more, it was also an opportunity to document what will soon disappear.

For those of you, who don’t know London besides the main tourist areas– Hackney Wick is an area located in East London near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The area has been a home to a large number of artists for many years who have benefitted from cheap rents and workspaces. The industrial past of the area is reflected by the many warehouses which are now used as artist studios, flats, event spaces, bars and restaurants. I have read somewhere that in 2013 more than 600 individual artist studios existed in Hackney Wick.

Like many other neighborhoods in London Hackney Wick is being transformed and gentrified. Old warehouses and buildings make way for flats & apartment buildings. There’s lots of construction going on in the area and it’s gonna be interesting to see how the area will look like in a few years time, if the streets will still be lined by streetart.


*this photo was taken before my actual photowalk, but I felt like it captures the quintessence of Hackney Wick very well

East London Graffiti

East London Graffiti Collage

East London Urban Art

Beer Streetart

90 Bar & Kitchen

Asian Graffiti



Bird Graffiti

Hackney Wick Lunatics Streetart



So, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed, even though I am very well aware I’m not a great photographer…

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