Brick Lane Streetart|Photowalk

Brick Lane is constantly changing. Especially the colourful art decorating the brick walls and shop fronts. You have spotted artwork that you really like and inspires you? You better take a photo now, because next week it might not be there anymore.

Whilst it is sad to see some of the artwork disappear, it is what makes Brick Lane great. It pushes artists to think of new creative, thought-provoking pieces, securing them the much sought after shares and likes on social media. (No, most of them would probably not admit to it, but lets face it, we all like when others enjoy what we create and are proud of the resonance.)

All photos taken in August 2017. 


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No future graffiti London

Shoreditch London Streetart

Monkey Chess Streetart London


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Jesus & Pete Doherty London Streetart


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Brick Lane Tinder Social Media Streetart
Did you enjoy our Brick Lane Photowalk? Then come and join me in exploring the Streetart of Hackney Wick.

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