Top 10 YouTubers|2018

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve discovered that YouTube is more than cat and music videos. My first love on YouTube were beauty “gurus” but as time passed & I grew older, that changed a bit. I still watch beauty themed channels every now and then but I have expanded the type and topics of videos I watch.

From every day vlogs, travel adventures, luxury shoppers to vegan van dwellers, minimalists – I enjoy watching a variety of people and formats. I find it extremely interesting to see how people all over the world live, even if it couldn’t be further from my personal lifestyle.


Genuine in the fake Beauty YT world

I started watching Bridgette aka Porcelain only a few months ago. Porcelain is a “classic” beauty channel consisting of mainly reviews, first impressions and get ready with me videos. More recently Bridgette has started to incorporate more private videos and videos about mystery and crime cases. The main reason why I watch this channel is Bridgette – I really like her personality. She comes accross as a really nice, sweet and genuine person and  that’s the best way to turn someone who stumbled accross your videos into a subscriber who regularly watches the videos posted.

Instagram: @PorcelainCosmetics

Silas Nacita

The American football player in Germany

Silas is an American Football player who is now playing in Germany for the Marburg Mercenaries. I believe it’s his 3rd season in Germany. His videos are mainly vlogs about his life in Germany and things he discovers that are different to the US. He vlogs his everyday life as well as his travels around Europe. What I enjoy about his videos is, that he always shows this viewers his surroundings and what he likes about the places he visits. (Some youtubers walk around cities/places and only film their face and you can hardly see what’s around them, which is something that bothers me personally.)

Instagram: @silas_nacita

Jinti Fell

Vegan #vanlife

Even though right now I’m living a very boring, conservative, mainstream lifestyle, I’ve always been interested in alternative ways of living. By watching “home tours” of people living in tiny houses and vans, I discovered Jinits channel. At the time, she lived in a van with her partner Chris and their daughter Ayana (the most beautiful name for a girl ever!). After living in a van and travelling accross Australia, they stayed in Bali for a while and are now back in a house for 3 months (I believe) before moving onto the next chapter of their lives.

Instagram: @jinti_fell

Sonal Maherali

The Luxury Lady from Nairobi

Sonal likes to shop. A lot. And loves Louboutin. A lot. It’s kinda funny how someone like me enjoys her videos so much, since I don’t really care for designer goods or extensive buying. What makes her different to other luxury YouTubers is her genuine appreciation for the things she buys. And every now and then she posts videos about more serious topics such as depression as part of her “Sonal says” series.

Instagram: @theofficialsonalmaherali

Brittney Gray

The fierce LA hair stylist

I’m not a hair person – I literally only wash them, but I love Brittneys channel, which is all about hair. Her content is very educational and I have learned quite a lot why my hair is how it is ( – I always wondered why it gets so greasy, now I know it’s mainly because of my hair structure). She is very beautiful and comes accross as a super confident and strong willed woman, which I admire.

Instagram: @brittneygray

Charles Gross

Our favourite New York rich kid

Charles and I have had a difficult relationship. When I first discovered his videos years ago, I loved his content. Then it got weird and boring, to the point where I unsubscribed. Only recently I started watching his videos again and I’m now up to speed with his anxiety, love life and shopping. Let’s see how long it’s gonna last this time around.

EDIT September 2018: Once again, I have actually unsubscribed from Charles because his content has been really strange and cringeworthy lately. 

Instagram: @charlesbgross

HRH Collection

100% herself, 100% unapologetic

In 2015 Alex transformed her channel from pretty much only outfit & beauty videos to mainly vlogs. Pre-2015 I wasn’t subscribed to her and when I stumbled accross her videos every now and then, I didn’t really enjoy them and didn’t really like her. Since she’s been doing vlogs, she’s one of my favourite people to watch. She stopped trying to please others and is 100% unapologetically herself. Yes, sometimes she’s a bit much (with her complaining etc.) but she doesn’t care. Some love it, some hate it.

Instagram: @hrhcollection

Elle Fowler

The OG Beauty Guru has returned as a vlogger

As allthatglitters21 Elle was one of YouTubers forming the beauty community back in the day. I quite enjoyed watching her but unsubscribed after she finished college and did YouTube as a full-time job. I just didn’t enjoy her content anymore and she seemed disingenuous. After quite a long break from YouTube, she’s back. She started her own business seperate to YouTube and admitted, that she didn’t like doing YouTube as a job and that she knows people could tell. Now that the pressure is off, she’s doing vlogs and I enjoy them so much, I subscribed again.

Instagram: @missellefowler

Sarah Nourse

Minimalist, Traveller and Entrepreneur

I have followed Sarahs journey since the very beginning – when she moved to Switzerland, then Berlin and finally back to the US. She’s American but studied in Switzerland and is married to Matthias – her Swiss husband. They lead a pretty minimalistic lifestyle, travel a lot and focus on building businesses. And her videos are about exactly that – her content ranges from vlogs, advice to style and food videos.

Instagram: @sarah.nourse

Tristan Paredes

YouTubes favourite vocal coach

Tristan is a vocal coach giving useful tips for people who want to learn how to sing and he also reacts to videos of famous singers performing or events like the Eurovision Songcontest. His videos are very informative, espescially for someone who is quite interested in music and singing. I really like that he is very positive and believes everyone can sing with the right training (which is also my personal opinion) and encourages people to try it. He even posted a video of him singing in the past (which was not very good) and showcased of his skills now – you wouldn’t believe the difference!

Instagram: @tristanthemaestro


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