Minimalist Packing| VIDEO

My friends are always shocked when we go on a weekend trip together or I visit them by how little I bring. Since I recently started a YouTube channel, I thought I’d just show everyone how I pack when I go away for just a couple of days. I filmed myself packing just before going on a weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark by myself.

So here’s the video (and further down below are a few general rules for minimalist packing):

The Tales of Margaritas Guide on: How to not Overpack

  1. Before you start packing think about the purpose of your trip. Is it a city break, beach holiday, super sporty & active couple of days or a party trip? Being aware of the type of trip and really thinking about what you want to do & get out of your holiday helps to avoid packing items you won’t end up needing. For example: I knew that my trip would be mainly sightseeing and exploring (aka tons of walking), I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of partying because I was aware of the fact, that Copenhagen is quite expensive in that regard. Being aware of those two things already made packing a lot easier because I knew that I needed to take comfortable clothes and it would probably be a waste of space to also bring fancy party dresses.
  2. Multifunctional clothes & shoes are key to a minimalist travel experience. Make sure that everything you bring can be mixed and matched. If you are planning on going out in the evening, statement jewellery can change your entire outfit without adding to much weight to your luggage. And for make-up – you don’t need to bring your entire cosmetics collection –  a bright lipstick is a game changer and does the trick when it comes to transitioning your look from day to night.
  3. It’s ok to wear certain items of clothing (i.e. jeans, cardigans, tshirts) two days in a row if you’re not sweating like crazy.
  4. Miniature sizes & smart folding: Bring miniture travel sized toiletries, depending on your hair texture – small brush, bags that you can fold away easily (not your super structured office handbag), instead of a “normal” towel bring a thinner sports towel and make sure you fold (or roll) all of your clothes in a space-saving manner.

The Advantages of Travelling Light

  • Your luggage fits underneath the seat in front of you in the plane & you don’t have to find a space in the usually full overhead lockers.
  • If you arrive before check-in or you still have tons of time left after check-out, you can still do so much and your minimalist bag won’t be in the way of further exploring as it’s pretty light and small.
  • You can find whatever you’re looking for easier as there’s less stuff cluttering up your bag.
  • It doesn’t take much time to pack and/or unpack.
  • You can focus on the fun aspects of your trip and not worry about your stuff as much.


Cover photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash

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