Summer 2018 Favourites

Summer is coming to an end & it’s time to reflect before re-focussing on what’s ahead. I have to admit, I have had “better” summers in the past in terms of fun things I did but weather wise this years was one of the best.

1. Hosting guests via AirBnB

My flat consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, seperate toilet and a living room with a small kitchen area. Usually my brother stays in the guestroom when he’s going to university. In the summer time, with no uni and therfor no brother in my flat, I decided to give AirBnB hosting a try and make a little bit of extra money on the side. So far the experience has been very positive – I have met a lot of loveley people and all of the dates for my room are booked out until the end of September. I will do extra blog posts on my experience and tips regarding AirBnB soon.

airbnb hosting

2. Summer evenings on my balcony

For the first time, I live in a flat with a balcony that I can decorate and use however I want to as I don’t live with flatmates anymore. I was so excited about that, that I bought a lot of plants and made quite the effort to make it as comfortable as it can be. As you can imaginge, I’ve spent many summer evenings reading, eating and relaxing on there.

3. 7 Years in Tibet – Heinrich Harrer

I was on a cruise through HaLong Bay in Vietnam when I met an older Canadian couple. When I told them where I was from, their first association with Austria was the movie 7 Years in Tibet with Brad Pitt. I’m not a big movie fan and hadn’t seen it. But when they told me that it’s based on a true story & there’s a book about it, I ordered it as soon as I came back home. It took me a while to begin reading as I had other books to finish before that, but I’m almost finished and it’s definitely one of the most interesting and fascinating books I have ever read.


4. Vidoni

It’s not a secret that I love my ice cream. This summer I discovered Vidoni on Landstrasser Hauptstraße. They offer a variety of vegan and organic ice cream flavours, which led to me going there several times a week (possibly every day at one point). If you’re in Vienna, you should definitely check them out.

5. Watermelons

When it comes to food I go through phases of having to eat a specific type of fruit or desert every single day. This summer I was addicted to watermelons – I ate half a melon, sometimes even a whole, every single day.


6. Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been a city I wanted to visit for years now, but for some reason I never ended up actually going there. Since this summer was so hot (in Austria at least), I figured it would be a great idea to travel up north in August. And that’s what I did. Copenhagen was indeed a great place to cool down and a loveley city in general.

7. Greek Sandals

Supporting small brands and independent business is something I’m very passionate about. Often I browse through different shops on Etsy before I go to one of the highstreet chains. And that’s how I found the shop “Madamme Shushu“, which sells handmade greek sandals. I am now the proud owner of 3 pairs – that’s how much I love them. At first you have to break in the leather but then they’re the most comfortable shoes ever.

*I don’t like feet and definitely won’t put mine online, so I’ve decided to use the shops promotional Instagram post. 

8. H&M T-Shirt Dresses

I don’t shop at H&M a whole lot as I feel like the quality is just not there most of the time. However, I bought 2 shirt dresses there in the spring because I liked the patterns and designs so much. Thankfully, the dresses are actually decent quality that you can wear more than three times. And trust me, I did – at least once a week I wore one or the other.



Title Photo by Hrvoje Grubisic on Unsplash
Bed Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash
Watermelon photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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