South East Asia Travel Diary #FAIL

In November & December last year (2017) I travelled through South East Asia. I was planning on blogging about it after my return, but as we know, I failed miserably as I haven’t posted anything about my trip to this day (and I probably won’t). However, I have posted some of the photos I took on the Tales of Margaritas Instagram Account and some clips on my YouTube channel.

Travel Route: All over the place

Usually, if you plan a trip like that, you would try to create a route for yourself that makes sense. Mine doesn’t. But there’s a good reason for it – I had to meet different people at different places and was joined by others along the way and that resulted in me being all over SE Asia. Also, the lack of planning in advance.

  • Thailand
    • Bangkok
    • Chiang Mai
    • Mae Hong Son Loop
    • Chiang Mai
  • Laos
    • Luang Prabang
    • Vang Vieng
    • Vientiane
  • Thailand
    • Bangkok
  • Myanmar
    • Mandalay
    • Bagan
    • Kalaw
    • Yangon
  • Cambodia
    • Siem Reap
    • Sihanoukville
    • Koh Rong
    • Koh Rong Samloem
    • Phnom Phen
  • Vietnam
    • Ho-Chi-Minh City (Saigon)
    • Hoi An
    • Hanoi
    • Ha Long Bay
    • Hanoi
  • Thailand
    • Bangkok

Travel Goals

Before going on the trip, I manifested my 2 main goals & shared them with the people I would be travelling with:

  1. Not dying
  2. Not getting arrested

Others might not even consider those things as possible outcomes of their travels, but considering the lack of planning/organising, the friends I was travelling with (love you guys😘) and the upcoming motorcycle loop.

Obviously, I made it, I’m still alive. And I’m back home in Europe and not rotting away in a prison cell in Laos. Along the way there were a few scares – when I woke up with a pretty deep, dirty cut on my foot in Vang Vieng after a night of partying, when I ate something bad in Phnom Penh and had to throw up the whole night or when a we ran away (#adulting) from a fake police man (no uniform) in Laos.


The Highlights

Honestly, everything. All of the countries I visited on this trip were beautiful. The only place I didn’t like was Bangkok – too hot, too loud, too much of everything. I was surprised at how beautiful and how nice Laos and it’s people were. Before the trip I had no idea what to expect of Laos and we ended up liking it so much – especially Luang Prabang, we extended our stay there.


Title Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash


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