My Eating Area| INTERIOR

It has taken me almost a year to decide on the decor for my eating area. The space I had to work with is a bit awkward as it’s pretty much in the middle of my living room. At first I thought about hanging a large print or mirror on the wall, but the print would have had to be VERY big and a mirror right opposite a large window – not ideal.

Finally, I found those cute golden metal triangles at mömax (an Ikea-like furniture store). The photo below shows the space after I have used one pack of them. In the meanwhile I have bought another one to fill up the space a bit more (I will post a photo soon).

Unfortunately, you can’t find mömax in that many countries but you could totally DIY the triangles! Just cut triangles out of wood, cardboard or plastic & paint them in a shiny golden colour (or whatever colour you like). You could also use mirror foil or other cool materials instead of the paint – just get creative!


Table: Ikea “Bjursta”

Chairs: Vintage

Lamp: Studio Snowpuppe

Walldecor: Mömax “Melina”

Placemats: KARE

Header Photo by Thomas Renaud on Unsplash

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