Things to do in Sydenham, London

Sydenham is certainly not the coolest, most exciting London neighbourhood, but one of the best to live at and to stay if you’re in town and want to experience something more real than touristy Westminster.

Cobbs Corner Cafe

Cobbs Corner Cafe is the perfect place to start your day. Enjoy a cup of their delicious Blue Mountain blend, have a Full English or Jamaican breakfast or try a slice of homemade cake.

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Kirkdale Bookshop

Pretty much right next to Cobbs Corner Cafe is Kirkdale Bookshop – the probably oldest independent bookshop in South East London. Since opening in 1966 local book worms can get their fix of new and second hand books as well as buy a greeting card for grans birthday and gifts like notebooks and mugs for friends.

Penge Food Centre – PFC Sydenham

Walk a bit further down Sydenham Road towards Lidl – BUT why go to Lidl when you can go to PFC? The Penge Food Centre offers a wide variety of high quality foods from all over the world. I would especially recommend the fruits & veggies from PFC as they are of higher quality than what the supermarketchains offer & tend to be cheaper as well.

Sydenham Wells Park

Now that you have picked up the fruits for your picknick – let’s walk all the way back to Sydenham Wells Park. Sydenham Wells Park is one of the most beautiful and due to it’s location most underrated of the London parks. No, it’s not the biggest or most exciting (just like Sydenham in general haha) – just see for yourself & click through the Instagram slideshow:

Trattoria Raffaele

The fruit wasn’t enought & you got hungry from chasing ducks, admiring flowers & petting dogs at the park? Head down Sydenham Road again – yes, I know we’re walking back and forth Kirkdale a lot but it’s worth is (& a good workout) – to Trattoria Raffaele. Trattoria Raffaele is a family run restaurant offering mouth-watering, authentic italian food. In 2016 Trattoria Raffaele was even crowned “best restaurant in London” by TripAdvisor.

The Dolphin Pub

Just opposite of Trattoria Raffaele is The Dolphin – a warm & welcoming pub offering an extensive range of beers, winese & a well-stocked bar. End your day in Sydenham with a pint in the cozy pub or the large garden outside.

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What else to do when staying in Sydenham

Don’t forget to head over to Crystal Palace:

Also, check out the Horniman Museum & Gardens in Forest Hill. The Horniman has displays of natural history and anthropology as well as a large collection of taxidermied animals.

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