My Top 5 Baby Names for Girls

Once again, I don’t know how this happend, but I ended up on yet another side of YouTube. For once not the dark side of drama, Mukbangs or weird ASMR, no – the wholesome, everything is wonderful world of baby names videos. One channel stood out in particular – SJ Strum – and I started binge watching all of her videos.

And even though, I don’t have children nor am I sure I want some in the future, there are names I really like and I would possibly consider naming my future children. In this post, I thought I’d share my Top 5 names for girls – so here you go:

1. Ayana

I first heard of the name Ayana a year or two ago, when I started watching Jinti Fell on YouTube. Jinti vloggs about her life travelling and living in a bus with her partner Chris and her children Ayana and Eyeam. Watching Jintis videos, I fell in love with the name Ayana. It has such a beautiful sound to it and is still quite rare. Upon further research, I found out that there’s not “one” origin of the name, but that it is used in many different cultures, where it has different meanings. To me, that makes the name even more beautiful and meaningful.

Origins and meaning of the name:

There is not “one” origin of the name Ayana:

  • Swahili: Ayana is a varient of Anyanna and means “Flower of Beauty”
  • Japanese: The meaning depends on the kanji characters used and can mean “colourful, greens”, “colourful, name”, “design, what” or “vermilion, greens”.
  • Arabic: Ayana is an indirect Quranic name with the meaning “girl who has large eyes” or “girl who is perceptive”.
  • Persian: Ayana can be a version of the Persian name “Ayaneh” and means “inspiration”.
  • Hebrew: Ayana is a tilt of the name Maayan and means “fountain” or “spring of water”
  • Sanskrit: Ayana is said to mean “goal”, “direction” or “a good path”

Other versions/alternative spellings:

Ayanna, Aiana, Aianna, Aiyana, Ayjana, Aayana, Ayaneh, Anyanna

2. Valentina

Valentina has been a favourite of mine for a very long time. It is a very feminine, elegant but strong name. It has been very popular in recent years, but not over-used. I would consider it as either a first or second name for a baby girl.

Origins and meaning of the name:

Valentina is a latin name and is derived from “valens” meaning “healthy” and/or “strong”. It’s the feminine form of the Roman name “Valentinus”.

The name is commonly used in Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Romanian, Russian, Slovene and Spanish.

Other versions/alternative spellings:

Valentine (French), Valentijne (Dutch), Walentyna (Polish), Valya (Russian), Valeska (Slavic)

3. Alexandra/Alexandria

Alexandra and for boys Alexander have always been names I’ve really liked – even the nickname “Alex” even though I have a general distaste for nicknames. More recently, I have found the name Alexandria as a more unique version of Alexandra as a possible option to name a girl. While Alexandra is a quite common name here in Austria, I have never met an Alexandria. The only issue would be, that the Alexandria would confuse people and the girl would have to spell it out a lot and be like “like Alexandra but with an i between the r and the a” which would be a bit annoying.

Origins and meaning of the name:

Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander, which is of Greek origin and means “defending man”, “defender of mankind”, “protector of man”.

Alexandria is similar to Alexandra but means “land or place of Alexander”.

Other versions/alternative spellings:

Alexandrea, Aleksandra, Alexandrina, Alessandra, Alejandra, Alexa, Alessa, Sasha

4. Margarita

Margarita is a different version of my name (guess which one it is :p). When I lived in the UK, people could never pronounce my name correctly and always ended up calling me “Margarita”. Of course I heard the phrases “Margarita – like the pizza” or “like the drink” A LOT but everyone always told me how much they loved the name and that they didn’t know anyone else called Margarita. I would consider naming my daughter Margarita as an hommage to my time living in London and because it’s has a beautiful sound to it and I imagine a “real” Margarita to be a fun-loving, adventurous person.

Origins and meaning of the name:

Margarita is originally derived from the Persian word “Morvared”, whiche means “pearl”. The Greek word margaritari was borrowed from the Persians. In Greek and Spanish the flower ddaisy is called “margarita”.

Other versions/alternative spellings:

Margaret, Margarete, Margareta, Marguerit

5. Katina

A dear friend of mine is actually called Katina. When I first met her, I thought the name was a bit weird – I felt like it was missing something because I only knew the names Katrina, Katharina, Katrin etc. But in a way, it makes Katina even more unique and now I would consider naming my child Katina as it reminds me of my friends – a great person -and it has a nice sound to it.

Origins and meaning of the name:

Katina is a Greek name, derived from “katharos” and means “pure”.

Der Name Katrin ist die Kurzform von Katharina und geht auf das altgriechische Wort „katharos“ zurück, was übersetzt „rein“ bedeutet. Übersetzt wird der Name meistens mit “die Reine” und “die Aufrichtige”.

Other versions/alternative spellings:

Catherine, Katrin, Katharina, Katrina


Photocredit: Photo by Fé Ngô on Unsplash

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